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New Microlocs Consultation

  • 1 h

Service Description

Up to 4 in. - Starting at $800+ ALL prices are subject to hair density and other variables and could change during your consultation. *$300 non-refundable deposit required to secure your Microlocs installation date(s).* A microlocs consultation is a collaborative effort to ensure that your locs not only meet your expectations but also complement your unique style and personality. Open communication and clear understanding between you and the stylist are key elements in achieving the desired result. Duration and Cost Estimates: The consultation will also cover the estimated time required for the installation process. Additionally, you'll receive a clear understanding of the associated costs, which may vary based on factors like hair length, density, complexities, and other variables. Client Discussion: The consultation starts with an open conversation between you and the stylist. This is your chance to express your vision, including factors like loc size, length, and any specific styling preferences you may have. Hair Assessment: The stylist will carefully examine your hair type, texture, and overall condition. This assessment helps in determining the most suitable techniques and products for your individual needs. Loc Sizing and Placement: Based on your preferences and the stylist's expertise, you'll discuss the ideal size and placement of the microlocs. This is a collaborative process, ensuring that the final result aligns with your expectations. Maintenance and Aftercare: The stylist will provide detailed information about the upkeep and care required to maintain your microlocs. This may include recommended products, washing routines, and how often you should schedule maintenance appointments. Styling Possibilities: The stylist may showcase various styling options you can explore once your microlocs are in place. This could include different ways to part, accessorize, or arrange your locs for everyday wear. Q&A and Clarifications: You'll have the opportunity to ask any questions or seek clarifications about the process, maintenance, or any concerns you may have. Scheduling and Next Steps: If you decide to proceed with microlocs installation, you'll discuss scheduling options for the actual appointment. The stylist will also outline any preparatory steps you should take before the installation date. *Consultation fee is deducted from Establishment cost.*

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please log in to your account and manage your bookings. Or, contact us via call or text at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to cancel within the allotted time will forfeit ability to transfer your deposit.

Contact Us

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