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Class Requirements

The training we provide covers all three methods of microlocs as well as client best practices, industry trends, business tips, and more. This will prepare you to accept clients immediately after training!


  • You are NOT required to have a cosmetology or braider's license to become Microlocs Certified

  • You MUST have basic skills in braiding and creating two strand twists

  • You MUST have general knowledge of parting and sectioning hair


You will learn...

  • How to perform comprehensive consultation with potential clients

  • Grid size and parting

  • The three methods of installing microlocs

  • Microlocs maintenance and repairs

  • The maturation stages of microlocs

  • Client’s at-home care (banding, shampoo, scalp health)

  • Business strategies


We will prepare you to be ready to step into the world of client service within your first month of learning and practicing your new skill!

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